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A conversation with Paul Hecimovich CEO, RELiON Battery

RELiON Battery. No two batteries are ever the same at RELiON because innovation happens every day and our processes, technologies and products are continually improving.

Paul, let’s start by letting our readers know how RELiON Battery started…

Thank you for this opportunity. RELiON was started in the fall of 2014 as an extension of Carolina Energy Distributors.

I started in the lead-acid battery distribution business with Carolina Energy Distributors. With a 25-year history, the company was very successful, but I saw the opportunity to do more. Having the innovative mindset that I still have today; I saw the rise in lithium battery interest given the many advantages of lithium over lead-acid. Several other key members of the team saw the trend too. We decided to take advantage of the opportunity to manufacture LiFePo4 batteries and apply them to lead-acid battery applications. From there, RELiON Battery was born. What started with just a few battery industry veterans, turned into the worldwide company we are today. We are now in our fifth year in business with locations in Shenzhen, China, Seattle, and Charlotte. We have a worldwide distribution and a team of over 30 with over 190 years of combined battery experience.

What is you company’s focus…

We manufacture and sell drop-in replacement lithium iron phosphate batteries for many deep cycle battery needs. Applications include RVs, marine craft, and most recently golf cars. We focused our engineering and design team over the last two years to develop a golf car/EV battery that could simply be dropped into existing golf cars without needing to change anything in the car.

Our tagline, Challenge Your Limits, reflects our philosophy. We like to say you will run out of adventure before you run out of power. We want sports and outdoor enthusiasts to challenge their limits, without worrying if their battery can keep up with them.

Are their any significant achievements you want or readers to know about…

We noticed a demand for golf cart batteries with lithium technology and received a lot of requests. Every other solution had limitations, so we knew there was a need for a true lithium golf cart battery. We invested heavily in engineering and product development to develop a solution to the problems we were seeing in this market.

Through strategic partnerships and a focus on product development, we were able to make our InSight Series unlike any other lithium solution available.

The first in the series is our 48V model that was specifically designed as the optimal golf car battery solution; superior to lead-acid batteries and other lithium battery options. The fact that this battery is a drop in and go replacement solution combined with the intelligent BMS means golfers can focus on their game, not their battery.

What sets RELiON apart from the others…

As CEO of RELiON, the experienced and dedicated team we have is what truly sets us apart. I am proud of our technology, but equally proud of the team we have assembled. A team with expertise and experience in the battery industry and people that aren’t afraid to push their limits.

We are very deliberate and thoughtful about who we hire and how they will fit our culture. They all have a customer-first mindset and are dedicated to helping customers with their battery needs, whether it is a distributor or end-customer. Our team has circled the globe to educate and train customers on the many feature and benefits of RELiON batteries.

What else would you like to tell our readers…

I wake up every day excited to go to work. I have an amazing and innovative team, and I am committed to giving people the power (literally) to do what they want to do. I am glad I decided to push forward, even when lead-acid was a lucrative business, to find a solution that was better for the customer, and ultimately better for the environment. We will keep pushing every day, making better batteries that last longer and of the highest quality. We are humbled by our success, but also driven to continue to do better.

Contact info…
RELiON Battery  |  1433 Dave Lyle Blvd.  |  Rock Hill, SC 29730