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Golf Cars Are A Fixture Of Modern Golf Courses

Golf cars allow players to finish more quickly, course owners to turnover more rounds per day, and are just downright fun to drive!

Increasingly, golf cars aren’t confined to golf courses.

Golf cars are an effective and popular way to get around communities where golf cars and other Electric Vehicles (EVs) are often the primary means of transportation.

Almost all golf cars were gas-powered in the past, but that has changed steadily over the years. Newer electric cars are far less noisy and more environmentally conscious.

While battery-powered golf cars have many advantages over a gas-powered vehicle, they need to be charged. This means the vehicle may need to be plugged in during the middle of the day to ensure customers aren’t stranded halfway across the golf course, or you’re not stuck with fussy kids waiting to drive home from the local pool.

The easiest way to get the most value from a battery-powered golf car is with a portable means of charging and maintaining those batteries.

That’s where solar can make a difference.

Our new product, the PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panel, is a 150W solar panel that improves electric cars by maximizing their battery lifetime, increasing overall driving distance, and helping the environment in an even more meaningful way.

The PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panel’s benefits can be broken down into five categories:

  1. Extended Battery Life
  2. Increased Driving Distance
  3. Reduced Charging Cost
  4. Environmental Advantages
  5. Easy Installation

Extended Battery Life

Depth of Discharge (DoD) is a crucial factor in maintaining the health of your golf car’s lead-acid batteries. If you are consistently driving deep into your battery’s overall capacity, over time, you will significantly reduce the number of charge cycles and have to replace your batteries more frequently.

A PowerDrive Panel generates and feeds electricity into your batteries constantly when exposed to sunlight, lowering the DoD. You can expect your charge cycles to increase by as much as 50%.

Increased Driving Distance

The power produced by a PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panel on a typical sunny day is enough to increase driving range by as much as 50%. This increased distance is due to the solar panel constantly charging the batteries.

Reduced Charging Costs

PowerDrive generates and feeds electricity into golf car batteries during daylight, even in low-light, saving an estimated 20 percent yearly electrical costs.

Environmental Advantages

On average, the PowerDrive Solar Panel creates enough electricity per year to offset over 250 pounds of carbon dioxide production. It would take two trees today would take ten years of growth to remove that amount of CO2 from the atmosphere!

Easy Installation

Many competing solar technologies are large and often difficult to install. The PowerDrive Solar Panel weighs less than 10 pounds and installs quickly, with no special tools.

PowerDrive Compatibility

PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panels are compatible with 48V lead-acid batteries and 48V lithium drop-in replacement batteries (commonly used to convert a lead-acid golf car to lithium batteries). If you have a different battery voltage, we can help source the proper controller to work with the PowerDrive system.

We offer PowerDrive panels for E-Z-GO TXT and Club Car Precedent golf cars and a generic model to fit a wide variety of golf car canopies.

If you have a golf car canopy and aren’t sure our solution will work for you, we will happily confirm our end.

Whether you are a golf course superintendent, a golf car owner, dealer, or resident of a golf car friendly community, PowerDrive can help you drive farther and keep your batteries longer!

Visit our website to learn more about PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panels and to make a purchase.

Have specific questions? Contact us, and we would be happy to assist.

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