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Hi-Performance Designs, Inc. Featuring Stylish Golf Cart Wheels

We would like to thank Henry for sharing this insiders look at Hi-Performance Designs, Inc.

GCOptions: Can you please us a brief history of Hi-Performance Designs, Inc.

HG: Hi-Performance Designs, Inc was officially formed in Q1 2004 although I started in the aluminum alloy wheels industry in 1984 with the Italian Iconic company “ MOMO wheels”. This is where my love of the automobile and auto racing coupled with my Marketing and Management degree combined to allow my passion to enter my professional life. The exposure to an Italian design team that at that time was one of the leaders in the industry fostered my entrepreneurial spirit. Thus began my journey through my own distribution company as well as stints at a VP level with BBS (Germany) and Enkei (Japan) to culminate in the formation of HPD. Where I put together a small team of absolute passionate enthusiasts and professionals that now include my second generation being involved in our company.

GCOptions: What sector of the market does Hi-Performance Designs specialize in?

HG: We are basically a marketing and design company that designs aluminum alloy wheels and accessories that includes licensing factories to build our products in Asia and South America. In the alloy wheel business, we are specifically involved in the market segments for Sport and Touring Cars, Trucks, ATV/UTV’s, Classic VW/Porsche. Private label forged and flow-formed sports car race wheels and Golf Cars!!!

GCOptions: Are there any significant achievements you’d like to tell us about?

HG: We have been involved in the Golf Car sector since 2014 where we landed a contract with E-Z-GO for their aftermarket program. We now are supplying the dealer network that is growing every day with a ready mount program featuring OTR tires our preferred in-house brand who has been a great supplier.

We are also supplying distributors as well as always seeking “Private Label” projects where the client can use our designs or a version of them to promote their builds or brands. We also provide a marketing program with our designs free of charge that includes videos as well as ad work as we have always had a complete creative department headed up by our first team member that has been here since our first day of operation. Our technical department as well shows its strength when constructing designs that work within the scope of the original design.

GCOptions: Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to your success?

HG: To create and promote designs that are unique, high-quality and most of all sell! We are not the cheapest but our design nuances come from a pure love of what we do and attention to the smallest details. These are just not platitudes but chemistry that is deeply ingrained in our culture. Design and building is one part but the follow-through and the management of the building process including factory production audits as well as the intense logistical work that goes into making a client not only happy but maintaining their happiness is what gives us the credibility to grow our business.

GCOptions: How did the pandemic affect business?

HG: It has made it tougher because many costs have increased and caused delays, due basically having fewer people in the overall workforce. We have been able to grow through the pandemic because the Golf Car industry, in general, has gone up simply because the AMERICAN people have rediscovered the outdoors in their yards and neighborhoods due to all of the travel restrictions.

GCOptions: What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

HG: “Never give up” – not really advice just the way I was built. “Trust your gut” – you learn through experience. My father told me a long time ago eventually your experience will show itself. What may seem to most that you are shooting from the hip, isn’t shooting from the hip. My apologies for all the clichés but I think you get the picture. Trust yourself you are the best judge of who you are – more apologies

GCOptions: Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about Hi-Performance Designs?

HG: No client is too small, we love what we do as we simply take pride in our work and of course I hope you allow us the opportunity to prove it.

Contact: Hi-Performance Designs, Inc.  |  803 East Reynolds St., Plant City, FL 33563  |  hg@hd-inc.com  |  www.hpdwheels.com

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