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Custom Golf Cart Body Kits

The golf cart industry is growing as Baby Boomers continue to retire and move closer to golf courses. The profile of golf has also risen, due in large part to the influence of Tiger Woods. So, the demographic of the cart users has widened. This has led to more golf cart related opportunities that have opened up.

Custom golf cart shops

Just like passenger cars have custom shops, golf carts also do. There are customizers out there that can do a whole myriad of work to them. They can do almost anything from reworking the suspension with a lift kit, to adding bigger tires and wheels, and installing booming stereo systems. They can even perform a high-performance gas engine or electric motor swap. These are all in the realm of the custom golf cart shop.

Rebodied golf carts

Sometimes customers want more, though. They want more than lift kits, stereos, etc.. Everybody can get those accessories installed. Instead, they want to be different. They prefer to go full custom. Well, that’s possible too! Golf cart custom shops can change an existing body out and install another one.

A customer can have their golf cart made to match their Jeep Wrangler. Re-body kits make this possible. The custom shop can install the body kit or even make a one-off body. Then the shop can throw in other accessories we discussed before, and add others like big bumpers, light bars, etc. Want a Mustang golf cart? They can do that. How about a Rolls-Royce golf cart? A Ferrari golf cart? Well, you get the idea.

Shows and parades

The golf cart’s influence is pretty broad. In fact, some communities that have embraced these low-speed electric vehicles go so far as to hold golf cart shows and parades. In fact, Disney has had a few cart parades called the Fort Wilderness Fourth of July Golf Cart Parade. As long as the cart meets the local requirements, such as turn signals, a horn, mirrors, etc., the carts are permitted to use the local roads, not highways, though. But they do need insurance, and depending on the state, they need to be inspected as well.

Golf cart suppliers are ready

Suppliers have not been caught sleeping either. They have been well aware of the increased interest in custom golf carts and community acceptance. Online golf car dealers, and parts & accessories retailers have kept pace with the industry by making sure custom parts and equipment are available at the click of a button online.

All in all, golf carts are a very real and growing part of our society. The infrastructure is also there to support its growth. So, the anticipation is there for related further growth. Additionally, the ability to customize golf carts allows people to spice their rides up with more personal touches, leading to some pretty awesome carts.

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